Creighton Cross

Creighton Cross has over 18 years of commercial real estate experience valuing and advising on residential and commercial assets, including subdivision developments, office, retail, multi-family, as well as specialty properties in the Southeast. 

Mr. Cross has fostered deep real estate valuation ties with major financial institutions, pension funds, and insurance companies. In addition to the traditional financial sector, Creighton has experience as an expert witness for non-lending assignments.  Having received his MAI designation in 2012 and AI-GRS designation in 2016, Mr. Cross has focused his work on complex assets and growing his business into an industry leader. 

Prior to Partner Valuation Advisors, Mr. Cross was Owner/President and Chief Appraiser at Braun & Associates, Inc. In this role, Mr. Cross focused on both residential and commercial projects and training appraisers to become the next generation of valuation experts.