Kelly Javier

Marketing Director

As Partner's Marketing Director, Kelly Javier is responsible for strategizing, analyzing, and leading the marketing team. She manages all aspects related to the production and implementation of marketing campaigns, including digital media and outreach, content and collateral development, and conferences and events. With 20 years of marketing experience and ten years in the commercial real estate industry, Kelly has a comprehensive background in developing, executing, and implementing marketing strategies to connect with real estate audiences. She has managed multi-million dollar marketing budgets, launched and maintained hundreds of web-based assets, including websites and social media accounts, and created and maintained technical SEO/SEM programs through paid and organic means. Kelly is passionate about mentoring professionals into future leaders and has a track record of building marketing teams from the ground up, designing employee training and engagement programs to encourage productivity and growth. She is also committed to community building within the commercial real estate industry and has helped to establish and grow two commercial real estate peer groups, CLRM and EFMR. 

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